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This site is devoted to the first 25 years of the history of the company my father, Frank Dawson Bliley, founded in 1930--the Bliley Electric Company of Erie, Pennsylvania. Like many companies, it was in these "early years" that Bliley's had its greatest influence on the technology of communications. When the company was formed, frequency-control by quartz crystals was just beginning to be practical, but within a few years major innovations would soon be invented that would shape the world of communications. Today, Bliley's and the crystal industry continues to innovate, but in smaller increments as the technology is now relatively mature.

I would recommend looking over the "Site Highlights" and "What's New" pages before you do anything else. No doubt there is more here than you can take in within one sitting, so look things over and come back again.

Take a fresh look at some of Bliley's unused patents and you may be led to believe the company could have radically changed the history of frequency control with 200 kc variable crystals. Check it out and let me know what you think?

Closing Comments

This site is lovingly dedicated to my father, Frank Dawson Bliley, W3GV, and my mother, Isabelle Bliley Kaiser, W3KPE.

It is my hope that you will at least find this site informative, interesting, even thought provoking, and worthy of mentioning to a friend or two. And before you leave the site, please remember to sign in at my Guest Book.

Thank you for your interest in my father's work and that of the many fine people that have dedicated their working lives to the Bliley Electric Company.


Charles A. Bliley
E-Mail: K3NAU@AOL.com

P.S. If you were really looking for Bliley Electric's current commercial site, go to www.Bliley.com; they still offer a fine line of products.

2003-2004 Golden Web Award
I am proud this site has received this award from an association of professional web site creators--The International Association of Webmasters and Designers--after a review by a committee of its members.

NOTICE: This site is a personal endeavor and is not formally associated with, nor receives any financial support from, the current owner of Bliley Technologies Incorporated of Erie, Pennsylvania. (Formally, the Bliley Electric Company.) However, I acknowledge, and have been blessed by, the company's enthusiastic support and expressions of gratitude for my work.

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