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 1932-33 QST Ads Collague
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1932-33 QST Ads

This is a collection of ads as selected by the staff of Bliley's for the some unknown reason and saved in the company archives. The original was a photographic copy. These are believed to include the first real advertisement in July 1932.


1933 Byrd Ad
150 dpi (89K)

1933 QST Ad

F. Dawson Bliley, W8GU, was asked to go on an Polar expedition with Byrd as a radio operator, but Dawson turned him down. However, Dawson offered to stock him with Bliley crystals in exchange for an endorsement. This is the ad which followed.

1935 QST Ad
150 dpi
September 1935 QST Ad for LD2

1936 Card
150 dpi

1936 Amateur Radio Bands

Reference card for hams to aid them in identifying the frequency bands that they could operate on and as an aid in determining which crystal frequencies could be multiplied into a higher band. With the typical ham only having five crystals, selecting the right primary frequency was very important to maximize their use.

Size: Approximately 3" x 3-1/2"

72 dpi (33K)

1937 Program Ad:
ARRL's Atlantic Division Convention in Erie, Pennsylvania

The 1930s were the prime years for sales to radio amateur operators. A considerable effort went into attending conventions of radio amateurs to introduce and promote the company's product line. Many of the convention programs carried advertisements of various vendors and eagerly solicited highly desired door prizes from companies like Bliley.

100 dpi (67K)

Radio Magazine, February 1940, Page 85

LD2 Crystal Unit

72. dpi (192K)
144 dpi (486K)

1940 Product Line Overview

Inside Rear Cover of Engineering Bulletin E-6, Fourth Edition

200 dpi (125K)

Radio News Magazine, April 1941, Page 79

B5 Crystal Unit

72 dpi (32K)

1937 Product Line

Engineering Bulletin E-7, Rear Cover


72 dpi (199K)
VF1 Ad from QST Magazine, Circa 1938

200 dpi (162K)

Vari-X Ad

Source Unknown, Circa 1939

100 dpi (76K)

F. Dawson Bliley, W3GV, with two Vari-X units on his desk.

Photo taken in his radio shack on the third floor of his home in Erie. PA.

Circa 1947. Purpose of photo unknown.

72 dpi (80K)

1943 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook
Classified Advertising Section

This book is published annually for "hams" (radio amateurs) by the American Radio Relay League. This annual publication has been the single most popular reference book for radio amateurs since its inception in 1921.

Even though the primary audience was the amateur radio operator and builder, most radio and electrical engineers considered "The Handbook" one of their best general reference tools.

Normal amateur radio activity was suspended during World War II. Advertising was pretty much limited to maintaining brand recognition in the hope that the hams, many of whom were engineering professionals, would again buy the Bliley products after the end of the war.

144 dpi (101K)

Radio News Magazine, November 1942

VP4 Crystal Unit

QST march 1946
100 dpi (136K)

QST Magazine, March 1946

1948 ARRL Handbook
72 dpi (140K)
133 dpi (390K)
1948 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook

200 dpi (197K)

AX2 Introduction in QST Magazine, Circa 1950

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