Tabletop Photo

Tabletop Photography
...and Family Stories

By Charles A. Bliley, Webster, NY

Presented: March 13, 2003 to the Rochester Genealogy Society's Computer Interest Group

Tabletop Photography

Family Photo Album Project (Presented June 2001)

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Introduction and Overview

Many of us have family treasures with interesting stories behind them The story need not be long or complex. Just writing it down for other family members to read today and in the future can be of value, but illustrating it with photos of the artifact or your ancestor, will add much to the value of your work.

I have always felt that family history was something beyond a family tree with birth, marriage and death dates. From time-to-time, I will photograph a family something ordinary from one of my ancestor's past and turn it into a little delightful nugget by marrying a photo of the article with a short story.

I hope your find this site contains some useful information that will encourage you illustrate some of your family stories with your own photos. The presentation will show you how to shoot good-quality photos using relatively inexpensive tools and techniques.

Any feedback relating comments and suggestions for improvement ware welcome. I would also be delighted to learn of your own achievements; I am perhaps learn something new of history of photographic techniques.

Have fun and stay focused.

Chuck Bliley

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Image Editing Training Resources

Virtual Training Corporation (

Great source for CD-based training materials. The also provided substantial samples of their products online for a wide variety of software packages and operating systems. For Photoshop Elements, they have more than a dozen free lessons online. They require QuickTime and a high-speed connection to run. The quality is excellent and subject matter is practical.