Charles A. Bliley, C1880

Mary Jane Mead Bliley

Charles A. Bliley Funeral at Home (D: November 15, 1906, Age: 84) Photogapher unknown, but it may have been taken from life by grandson, Sam Wagner.

Josephine & Barbara Bliley, C1858 (How could there be a positive image on a glass plate? Ambrotype?)

Frank A. (3) and Ellen Lousina "Nellie" (5) Bliley, C1867


Mary Agnes Bliley Wagner, C1879 (A:22)

Tin Shop of Alex & David Bliley, St. Petersburg, PA. Alex on horse. (1879 or earlier.)

Setup of scanner for glass plates.

Original list of photos in box. Only 8 were found within it.