Album Title

This album was the creative product of the principle photographer, Samuel C. Wagner, and the captionist and layout person, Inez Wagner. These two creative people were the children of Wilfred's sister, Mary Agnes Bliley Wagner. The album is probably given to Wilfred around 1908 or 1909, based upon the latest dated photos. Sam and Inez created many similar albums for themselves and other family members. Wilfred and his wife, Jessie Chambers, added their own photos on the pages at the end of the album.

In 2005, the album was in the hands of Wilfred's grandson, Richard Bliley, of Wesleyville, Pennsylvania. Richard provided the album to be scanned by Wilfred's great nephew, Charles A. Bliley, of Rochester, New York in 2005.

After nearly a hundred years, many of the photos in the album were well-aged, faded, and deteriorated. Most photos have been digitally restored for this presentation.

The photos in this Web version are presented in a random order as some pages were detached from the binding.