As Written by John Gunby Dawson, 1824 - 1829


By John Gunby Dawson

The first I know of the Dawson's side of our house is that John Dawson lived in the Parish of Alton [1], Lincolnshire. Farmer about the year 1750. He had one son John, my Grandfather, His Mother dying before he was of age, his Father marrying a woman which took no interest in the son, drove him from his home. He been raised a farmer, started to seek a home of his own. He went to Wainfleet [Lincolnshire], engaged himself to Magon Booth, as farm foreman. He married while in Mr. Booth's employ, one Mary Balderson, daughter of a farmer, in the year 1798. My Father, Richard Dawson, was born. (Died November 2, 1879 was of Alford, Lincolnshire, England. Interred at Alford Cemetery) I do not remember either of my Grandparents on my Father's side. My Great Grandfather willed all his property to his young wife when he died. She soon married again, sold everything and moved to Boston. My Father when I was twelve or fourteen years old, took me to see her. She was then a poor old woman, the prosperity all gone. She asked Father to help her. He gave her half a crown. That is the last I know of her. When my Father finished his schooling he went o Friskney to live with Rev. Edward Booth, lived in his service seven years, then went to work for Richard Hardel, a gardener and seed man, which business he continued until the Tomlinsons came to America in the year 1827. He took the Gunby farm and went there to live. Don't know how long the farm has been in the family but a long time. The Gunbys, their early history is not very clear. William Gunby, my Grandfather, was not the first of the family on the farm but when they came I do not know. He married a daughter of a farmer named Clark, Mary by name. They had three children, Elizabeth, Mary and William. He died about the year 1829 or 3. His wife, Mary, or my Grandfather, married again a man by the name of Rushby Tomlinson, by when she had four children but she died before they came to America. There is a family tradition that the Gunbys was at one time the owners of Gunby Hall in the Parish of Gunby and that at the time that Charles was driven out they, the Gunbys, being blood relations, was driven out also and all of their estates confiscated and were never restored. It seems pretty certain that they were connected to the Stewarts some way. The family on the Booth sides appear to have been well connected. My Father and Mother was married about 1822. They had three boys, John, William and Thomas. I was born June 4th, 1824 and came to manhood as boys usually come. When 19 I came to America and in December 2nd 1849 married Catherine Pound, daughter of Joseph Pound of the town of Eden, N.Y. state. Of here family we know but very little. Her Grandfather came from New Jersey to Eden sometime about 1775. lived to be 99 years old and died where he first settled in Erie County [NY] near tubs hollow in the town of Eden [NY]. Her mother was the daughter of Abram Tucker. They lived in Collins, same county. They were Quakers.

John Gunby Dawson
(Son of Richard and Mary Dawson, Lincolnshire, England )
Dec. 22nd, 1887
Corry, Erie County, Pennsylvania, USA

NOTE 1. Alton is in the County of Derbyshire


Born June 4, 1824 Parish of Friskney, County of Lincoln, England. Died: May 8th, 1899, Corry, PA U.S.A. Married: December 2, 1849 Eden, NY, Catherine (Daughter of Joseph and Rachel Pound; B 6/22/1829) He left his farm home in England April 19, 1845 for America, embarking on the ship Douglas from the Port of Hull for Quebec April 22, 1845, arriving at Quebec May 10th. From Quebec he made his way to Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, Buffalo, Westfield, and finally settling at Sherman, Chautauqua County, NY where he made his home with the Greens. The widow died December 15, 1911, Corry, PA.

1 - RICHARD POUND: Born: 5/6/1851, Collins, Erie County, New York; Died: 10/12/1908, Atlantic City, NJ; Married 4/10/1873, Alzina Jane (daughter of Johnson and Mary Hall: Born 11/26/1852; Died 6/6/1913).He served several terms in the council in the city of Corry, PA and was mayor in 1900.


a) Lula Edna: Born 8/6/1875 Millerstown, Butler County, PA; lived in Erie, PA; Married Frank Anderson Bliley (son of Charles and Mary Bliley Born: 1865)

i) Frank Dawson Bliley, Born 4/29/1906, Erie, PA.
ii) Josephine Mary Bliley, Born 5/19/1910, Erie, PA.

b) Richard Gunby: Born 7/10/1888, Corry, PA; lived in Corry, PA; Married 6/23/1909, Died 2/10/1941 Marguerite C. (daughter of Frank and Lyde Weeks; Born 6/11/1888; Died 3/18/1922.)

i) Richard Weeks: Born 12/10/1910, Corry, PA.


Holland Gunby February 20,1789
Elizabeth Gunby July 7, 1791
William Gunby November 7, 1794
Mary Gunby April 30, 1797
John Gunby April 27, 1799,
Ester Gunby December 10, 1800

Mary Tomlinson (1st wife) 1765
Rushby Tomlinson February 6 , 1775
Mary Tomlinson (2nd wife) 1783

Martha Tomlinson December 13, 1802
John Tomlison November 27, 1804
Thomas R. Tomlinson June 27, 1807
James Tomlinson May 28, 1813
William Green December 20, 1802


Rushby Tomlinson and Mary Gunby June 19, 1801
Rushby Tomlinson and Mary Dawson February 11, 1824
William Green and Martha Tomlinson April 15, 1827

All were married in Friskney Church, England
Dawson Genealogy: Written by John Gunby Dawson, Read by Lula Dawson Bliley



The work above has been transcribed from an unknown source in the 1940s and was a work-in-progress. It has not been validated and is


Dawson Family

Lula Dawson reads an undated letter written by her grandfather, John Gunby Dawson, about their family genealogy. December 22, 1887. This reading is followed by her personal recollections of her grandfather. Recorded February 1, 1941.

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