Vintage Product Users   Gallery of Current Users of Early Bliley Products


How many companies can claim that their early products are still in active use after 50 or 60 years? Not many. How many can claim these products still carry the same company name after nearly 75 years? Even fewer.

Below is a gallery of people that actively use their early Bliley products in their ham radio stations or in a workshop.

Would you like to join the gallery and show your use of vintage Bliley products? Drop me a line at and tell me your story. I would be delighted to consider it for the Vintage Product Users page.


  • Richard Shreve, W3PIX, Erie, PA, USA
  • Peter Laur, SM5HUA, Uppsala, Sweden


    Dick was a long-time employee of Bliley's with more than 41 years at the time of his retirement in 1980. He spent many years serving as the supervisor of various production activities. Among them was the production of the CCO-1 service bench test oscillator marketed to the burgeoning TV service sector just after WWII. The product was pulled from regular production by political pressure by one of Bliley's major customers, Hickock Incorporated, a producer of a full line of test equipment. Hickock threatened to pull their business from Bliley's unless the company dropped out of the test equipment market.

    He was in charge of the production of the CCO-1. When it was stopped, he asked if he could build the balance of the inventory off-site and sell them. This was agreed to and the last few hundred were built in the basement of Dick's home by Dick, his wife Maxine, Herman Roth, W3NFR, and a few other friends from the plant.

    Dick still holds on to one of the units he built at home. It is on his service bench, where he uses it to service various pieces of entertainment and shortwave ham radio equipment.

    He is active in ham radio by keeping in touch with old friends on shortwave through nets he hosts twice-a-day. He is also active in DX and other contests.

    Above all else, Dick has been a good friend since the early 1960s. He followed me by ham radio no matter where I went and was a regular supporter of my ham radio activities while I was in the U.S. Coast Guard when I operated as VP5CB on South Caicos Island, in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Dick and his CCO-1C
    Large View, 50k

    Ham radio station, HF & VHF
    Large View, 36k



    Peter is one of the few that collects antique radio equipment and uses them on-the-air-on a regular basis.

    "I'm using the Bliley in my old Harvey 80-T from late 1936. Have several VF-1 and VF-2's, a box full of LD, HF, FT-243 Blileys as well as a CCO-1 test oscillator. In my opinion, the xtals sound excellent compared with many cheaper xtals found on the market. Very stable and work as good as they did back in the old days."

    In 1999, Peter moved with his wife, Gunilla, SM5HXC, to a place in the country to escape the acoustical and electric noise of urban living. They bought a small cottage with plenty of space (about 20 acres) for antennas of all types. The land also provides plenty of wood for heating their cottage home.

    Peter also is an avid collector of Harvey Radio equipment in which he uses his collection of Bliley crystals. He keeps the crystals close-at-hand on the top of his Harvey 80-T transmitter. Check out his wonderful historical Web site on the Harvey Radio Company; it is richly illustrated with many rare photos and documents. Check it out; I am sure you will not be disappointed.

    Collection of 1930s Vintage Bliley Crystals on top of the 80-T
    Large View, 76k

    Peter operating his 1938 HRO Senior at his vintage ham station in 2002.
    Large View, 28k

    Antique Station, National HRO-5 and Harvey 80-T
    Large View, 56k