1954 Members of the "Old Timer's Club"

The photo collogue on the right was displayed at the first dinner meeting of the Bliley Electric Company's "Old Timer's Club". The club met for the first time in 1954 as the company was about to reach a major milestone--its 25th anniversary. Ironically, this was the only real personal celebration of the company's success and the return to stability after the post-War instability. Most of the men in this group did not serve in the armed forces, but spent their time supporting the vital war production needs. Nearly everyone in the group, spent most of their working careers at Blileys and retired many years after 1954.

After F. Dawson Bliley, the president, died several months later, the official name was changed to "The FDB Club"--the initials of his name in his honor.

As I look at the photos, I wonder if these fellows were happy to have their work interrupted by the photo session. Most have a stern look on their faces, yet some have a little smile--I wonder why?

Chuck Bliley

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