Masonic Temple Building, West 8th and Peach Streets, 1932

In 1931, the Bliley Piezo-Electric Company was evicted from the home of Dawson Bliley's parents at 649 W. 9th St, Erie, Pa. The noise and dirt was just too much for them to bear. Dawson struck a deal with a local optometrist, Charles Collman to rent a room in his office and share the use of Collman's lens grinding equipment. The "plant" moved into a back room of Collman's business on the first floor of the Masonic Temple Building at the corner of 8th and Peach Streets. Below is a photo of the Masonic Temple building shot in the mid-1940's. The three windows marked with a "C" on the awnings are part of Colemen's space.

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