1936 Company Banquet Menu, Program and Song Sheet


  • Introduction
  • The Original Program and "Songs a La Departmentalle" (The Production Department's Song)
  • Introduction

    The programs for most office parties and banquets usually a pretty straightforward list of the events, the speakers and the name of the band or entertainer. It seems like the gang at Bliley's in 1936 were a pretty lively bunch who really enjoyed their work and wanted to memorialize it in song. From the song's subheadings, I assume each of the four production groups would sing the chorus with their group title. With a footnote on the back page--"Notice: In case of fire, walk, don't stagger to the nearest exit."--It seems like some heavy drinking was anticipated. Many of the chorus were probably intoxicated.

    If you read between the lines, you will note the subtle references to the working conditions where work was done to time or proficiency standards, and conditions were pretty dirty and defects perhaps a bit higher than desired. Today's Occupational Safety and Health Administration would cringe at what was described in this song and demand an immediate inspection. For a look at a slightly sanitized working conditions in 1935, take a virtual tour online.

    I think it should be noted that over half of the production and management staff in 1936 achieved an average tenure of more than 25 years before retiring or leaving the company. Good times like this banquet and a fair management team kept them together for so long.

    Enjoy reading the program, and maybe singing aloud the keynote song!

    Songs a La Departmentalle
    Tune -"Home on the Range"
    Volume - QSA 5 - R9


    Oh give me an ohm, where the amperes roam,
    Where the volts and the decibels play.
    Where the rocks that you see,
    Are all called BC3,
    With their frequencies put there to stay.


    Ohm, ohm in my cage,
    It was there .that I first learned to pray,
    When each LD2 was blown neatly through,
    And the quartz was all cloudy all day.


    Oh give me a room, way back in the gloom,
    Where the dust is knee deep on the floor,
    Where the quartz is in chunks,
    And it's cut by bohunks,
    And the time clock clicks on by the door.


    More, more every-day,
    While Wimpy stands by keeping score,
    And the number we slice-still turns up no dice,
    And the damn bonus Jackpot won't pay.


    Oh give me some air that's scrubbed 'till it's bare,
    Put six extra locks on the door,
    With sugar and spice,
    And Charlie's advice,
    We'll hit ninety millionths or more.


    Dust, dust everywhere,
    We do better work every day,
    In spite of all this, we really can't miss,
    Our boss says our work is O.K.


    Oh give me some steel, an old emery wheel,
    Where the solder can never grow cold.
    With hot carbon-tet,
    Our britches are wet,
    And we make our mistakes as of old.


    Tools tools everywhere,
    For every man must be supplied,
    But with all of this stuff, it's still not enough,
    To people who take 'em, NO FAIR!

    ++++++++++++ The End! +++++++++++++++

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