Histories   A Comprehensive History of the Bliley Electric Company: 1930-1955
by Charles A. Bliley, K3NAU
About this history...

There are several histories of the Bliley Electric Company on this Web site. One is based on the booklet I authored and was published in 1982 by the Bliley Electric Company in association with the Antique Wireless Association. It contains all of the material from this booklet and some additional photographs from my scrapbook. Every effort has been made to guarantee its historical accuracy and will be updated as additional and corrected information is discovered.

Overall, the content of this booklet is based on patent drawings, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, personal notes and letters, and audiotaped interviews with retired employees. I note those who have passed on since the recordings were made. They all were very generous with their time and candor.

  • Isabelle Bliley Kaiser, W3KPE-Chairwoman of the Board 1954-1997 (Deceased)
  • George Wright-V.P. Sales (Deceased)
  • John Wolfskill, W3QKT-V.P. Engineering (Deceased)
  • John Pinar, W3DKL-Supervisor, Calibration Dept.
  • Robert Johnson-Personnel Manager
  • Richard Shreve, W3PIX-Production Supervisor
  • Special thanks is given to the Antique Wireless Association for its support of the paper publication and to AWA members Joel Ross and Lou Vermond for their personal interest and encouragement to develop the booklet.

    September 2001