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Photo of the Old Man Himself —June 2015- Age 69
Unfortunately, I still look a lot like this years later.


Ham Radio Stories

Ham Radio on South Caicos Island, B.W.I.—My amateur radio activities as VP5CB on South Caicos Island, click here.

Vertical Ham Radio Antenna Installation—A story about the DX-77 vertical antenna installation as my former QTH, click here. You will find several not-so-flattering photos of myself and the some of the wildlife in our old backyard.

Cheap Homebrew FM Deviation Meter—For information on building an FM deviation meter with a crystal on your IF frequency, click here.

Ham Radio in My Mother's Life—On March 15, 1997 my mother died in Erie, Pennsylvania at the age of 82. I have put together a brief resume of her amateur radio activities and how we shared the love of this hobby together and put it to practical use. She always encouraged me to use it to keep active and to keep in touch by radio wherever I went. She will be missed by family and friends alike, and remembered for her love and generosity.

Ham Radio on Two Meters in the 1960s—This recording contains conversations with my ham radio buddies in the early 1960s on the two-meter AM amateur radio band. The year is probably 1962. The following are the people with which I am conversing. Audio transcribed from a reel-to-reel recorder to digital format on April 24, 2013 by Charles A. Bliley. Audio levels vary greatly and are punctuated frequently by clicks, pops, and 600 cycle buzzes.

W3WVG Dick Come, Erie, PA 00:18
K3KAP Gerry Owens, Corry, PA 04:00
VE3SF Earl near Simcoe (References K2KGN, Russell Shields, Bemus Point, NY) 08:28
K3SBC George Clapp, Erie, PA (Deceased) 09:30
VE3SF??   10:50
VE3AHF Fred Cross? I think it was Arnold from Simco or Kitchener 12:18
K3QHO Jim Fitzreiter, Erie, PA (High school friend and best man in my wedding to Debbie in July 1974.) 15:39
KN3UIK Bill Barczynski, Erie, PA (Now Deceased) 17:25
KN3TYQ Dave Bodner, Erie, PA
(High school friend and best man in my second wedding
to Marilyn Swanson in 2010.) Miscellaneous bits recorded in ham shack.
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Bliley Electric Company History

In case you got here through some weird Internet link, did you read the Bliley Electric Company History? I wrote for the Antique Wireless Association in 1982 and adapted it for the Web in 1997.

Indiana Institute of Technology Memories—"Indiana Tech"

A few years back, I connected with several of my classmates and friends from the first college I attended, Indiana Institute of Technology, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was great to reconnect and as I researched my two years there from 1964 to 1966, I came across some items related to my activities in the college's ham radio club who held the call sign of W9BHR, The school had about 650 students in total, and about 15 guys in the ham radio club. The ham radio activities were fun in contrast to the challenging academic studies. I later changed my interest from becoming an electronics engineer and moved on to study for a science teaching degree at Baldwin Wallace College, in Brea Ohio. That new dream was never achieved and in January 1967, I quit school and joined the U.S. Coast Guard for a four year "hitch". Of course, I managed to bring my ham radio hobby with me. :-)

Here are those artifacts in PDF format:

Personal Photo Album 1952–1979 (my "Green Album")

Back in December 2016, I was doing a bit of personal research and came across a "magnetic" photo album I created decades ago. It covers some of my activities and stories from my childhood to my late 40s. This album is all about me, and there are no photos of my children and such. Those photos are either in 35mm slide format or paper prints that I have yet to go through. Most of the items were from a time before I was married in 1974. The album was a gift from my new fiancée to help me put my memories in order in January 1974.

To prepare for this online gallery, I took photos of each page of the album. I then used these as reference in the online album followed by scans of what I thought were items worthy of investing my time. Many have summary stories on the photos or in the captions.

The high-resolution version provides images at the resolution and size at which the original photos were scanned. They are BIG images, and likely too big for casual viewing on your computer or laptop screen.

There is nothing exciting here, but you may still have fun looking at them.

My State-of-the-Art Web Site—www.Bliley.net

You are looking at the most state-of-the-art page on the whole World-Wide Web! Well... OK... I am bragging a bit, exaggerating, or yes, maybe even lying. You be the judge. At least I am having fun and learning something in the process. If you want to know more got to my home page and look over my various sections on ham radio. family history, and my portfolio of my professional work.
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